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Reusable Coffee Cup

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

An important and pleasant part of my daily routine is getting a cup of coffee at work, after lunch. I've surveyed all the coffee shops around and identified the one I like best and since then I’ve been frequenting it daily, always ordering the same thing, a small flat white, for those of you who are not familiar, a flat white is an Australian version of a cappuccino with less milk and foam. For many years I got my coffee in a single use cup and tossed it into the recycling bin when done, hoping to feel less guilty about it. The problem is that I’m highly suspicious about the effectiveness of recycling, a topic for a seperate post, which led me to realise that I had to find a different solution to my wasteful coffee consumption habit.

My wife has been nagging me for a while to get a reusable coffee cup. I was resistant to the idea, it seemed way too complicated, having to carry a cup, make sure it’s clean, take it home, clean it, remember to bring it back again on the following day, so much work for a cup of coffee. Coffee should be fun and this sounded like not fun at all. But I decided to keep an open mind about it and give it a try.

It’s been 4+ months and I’m happy to report that I’m now hooked on my reusable coffee cup. Getting into the habit was a bit challenging and required getting used to, but once I got my system in place it became easy. Remembering to clean the cup and putting it back into my backpack took some time, and there were a few days which I forgot to do it, but after a while it became a routine to include it alongside my lunch, keys, and wallet. I thought using a reusable coffee cup would be annoying and damage an indulging moment of my day. What I realised was that it took just a couple of weeks for me to adjust to the new routine. Using this cup has quickly become an easy and rewarding habit.

Reusable Coffee Cup

Cost: $18

1 year effect: based on an average of 4 coffees a week, a saving of 208 single use cups.

How challenging has it been to incorporate: moderate

Savings: the coffee shop I go to offers $0.50 discount for bringing your own cup, that’s $104 a year in savings according to my math!