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Substitute for Plastic Wrap - Silicone Cling Wrap

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

I’m a creature of habit, when I find something that satisfies my needs I tend to stick to it (no pun intended). For the past 2+ years I’ve been taking the same lunch to work, every day. In the morning I make myself a sandwich with cheese, some greens, and occasionally, when I’m feeling creative, a thin slice of onion or dried tomatoes. Alongside the sandwich is a peeled carrot. Voila! For the better part of these past two years I’ve been using plastic cling wrap to wrap both the sandwich and the carrot. Yes, I know plastic wrap is bad news for the environment, but if I’m being totally honest there’s something about it which I find appealing. It makes my sandwich look shiny, fresh, clean and tightly packed. I can rest assured that when lunchtime arrives the cheese and greens will still be properly placed between the two slices of bread, and that my carrot will feel fresh as I bite into it.

The problem arose when one day as I was eating my sandwich I started calculating how much plastic wrap has gone into wrapping my lunches. My sandwich requires about 30 centimeters of cling wrap and the carrot another 15. That’s 45 centimeters of plastic a day, 5 times a week, 52 weeks a year, for a total of 11,700 centimeters, or 117 meters of plastic! That is a long piece of useless, non-recyclable plastic, which ends up in a landfill. As I was doing the math my appetite was rapidly vanishing and I quickly realised that I needed to find an eco friendly substitute for the plastic wrap


To my rescue, as usual, came Mrs green-a-little, who purchased a set of 4 silicone cling wraps. I, in response, was highly suspicious and slightly annoyed by the $24 price tag. But since we invested in it I was obliged to give it a try. It was a rough start, the damn thing was so sticky that on the first morning I ran late to work after a long struggle to wrap my sandwich. The instructions promised that the stickiness will subside after a few uses. When I finally managed to wrap the sandwich it was nicely wrapped and stayed that way until lunchtime. In the evening, when I was back home, I had to remember to take out the used silicone from my backpack, wash it and hang it to dry on the edge of the countertop. The second day was not as bad as the previous one, but not great either. But I persevered, and day by day it became easier to manage and less sticky.

It’s been 3+ months since I adopted the silicone cling wrap. I’ve been using it on a daily basis and have not used plastic cling wrap for my lunch at all. Like the other little-green changes I’ve made so far, this one has also turned into a habit. Despite being a bit challenging at first after a couple of weeks it turned into an easy routine.

Cost: $24 for 4 sheets (2 large, 2 small)

1 year effect: based on average of 5 lunches a week - saving 117 meters of plastic cling wrap.

How challenging has it been to incorporate: somewhat challenging

Substituting plastic wrap with silicone cling wrap